2021 Stewardship Campaign

Ephesians 4:15b-16

Let’s grow in every way into Christ, who is the head. The whole body grows from him, as it is joined and held together by all the supporting ligaments. The body makes itself grow in that it builds itself up with love as each one does their part.

The Church Does Not Belong to Us

The church does not belong to us any more than our body belongs to our elbow; we belong to the church,because the church is us. The buildings and the ministries are great, but they are not the church. We are.

The work we are doing as a church is so important and meaningful, and it doesn’t happen without financial support. The dollars you commit to give to St. Stephen’s allow us to plan big and meaningful ministry initiatives. We’re in the midst of the “not just in our building” worship series, where we are talking about some of the incredible things being done by the people who make up St. Stephen’s. We’re able to do the things in the community that we are known for because we are financially secure.

How to Pledge

We encourage you to have some meaningful conversations and to really pray about about your pledge for 2021. If you have given before, we hope you’ll consider increasing your pledge if your circumstances allow for it.

When you are ready, click on the "Make your Pledge" button below. Please note that filling out the online pledge form does not require you to give online, nor does it set up online giving.

Once you are ready, click the other button titled "Set up or Adjust Online Giving." If you have given before, you will need to log in to your Church Center profile. If this is the first time you are making a commitment to support the ministries of St. Stephen's, you will need to create a Church Center account by following the instructions on the site.

Make Your Pledge

To make your pledge either click the "Make Your Pledge" button below to be taken to our Pledge Form, or click the link at the bottom of the page to have the Pledge Form launch on this site.

How to Manage your Online Giving

View the video to see how to make donations online and how to log into your Church Center account to make changes to your giving.