Armor up with Salvation

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Today's live class is: Storytelling

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Good Morning Knights!

We have a momentous day ahead of us. It's Mac and Cheese day in the banquet hall, Huzzah!

If that wasn't enough, we have the opportunity to complete the Great Armor today. So far this week, you have helped to solve four riddles and collect the Belt of Truth, The Breastplate of Justice, the Shoes of Peace, and the Shield of Faith.

There's one more piece to go but I just can't put my head on it.

My finger. I meant my finger. That's weird, why did I say head?

You're back with Armorer Fisher and so far this week we have been solving riddles with the help of the King's Book, the Bible. In order for me to do that, I need a few things. First of all I need Sparky because only Sparky can read the ancient dragon language (I took French in school instead). I also need to gather up all of you Knights for a live meeting that you can find below. And there's one more thing I need.


And the King's Book!

There are two more things I need. Hmm. Where is the Kings's Book? I'll have to go look for it. Ooh, maybe it's next to the coffee? I hope we have those little cinnamon cakes too...

Live Assembly (9 AM)

Today we "Armor up with Salvation"


Today's story is going to be told twice. You can watch the story here but don't forget that we'll also learn about Paul and Silas live on the magic mirror that is ZOOM.

Have your grown-ups check in with our courier Email to see what time your group is meeting and if you have a part. Afterwards, have them tell Email "merci beaucoups"

That's French for "Thanks a lot" because I still think Email might be French.

We have our mission for today. Our quest is nearly complete but we still need to find the Helmet of Salvation. What armor would be complete without a helmet? One where your head is cold I would say.

Sparky helped solve our riddle and now it is your job Knights to learn as much as you can about God through this story from the King's book.

But I don't need to tell you all of this. You have proved over this week that not only do you know what you are doing, but that you possess the skills to do it.

It's like me with archery or horseshoes but the exact opposite of that.

Onwards Knights!

ZOOM Storytime


Today's Choreography

We have learned so many dances for the Annual Castle Dance Off it's going to be hard to choose which one to do. I've been getting better too. When I was learning yesterday's dance moves, I almost didn't knock Sparky over - twice!

But you my friends are all excellent dancers. Your enthusiasm, and energy is contagious and has really set the tone for this quest of ours.

We have two more songs to learn this week but don't forget, these videos will still be available for a little while so you are encouraged to come back and view them again.

Step to it.

You get it.... step.

When you have to suffer through the Armorers jokes you have to "Be Strong in the Lord."

So I heard you like dances with lots of movement? Then the dance move I invented wouldn't really be your cup of tea. It's called "The Armorer's Stare."

You pretty much just look at the other people dancing and nod your head.

But for those of you who like more movement (read: all) you'll love the moves to "Earthquake."


Let's put those moves to good use. This song reminds us that we can do anything if we are strong in the Lord.

That can be anything from assembling the Great Armor to beating a training dummy at horseshoes.

This song has become a castle favorite. I enjoy it immensely until the chorus drops and I have to swing my arms around. Not so easy to do in armor let me tell you!

Coincidentally, someone needs to tell the Captain of the Guard that somebody swung his arms to energetically and knocked over his shelf of antique squirrel sculptures.

I assure you, I'm going to look high and low for the person who did this. Obviously, I've been able to rule out myself and my suspiciously scratched armor, but it could be anyone.

Not me though.

Craft: Helmet of Salvation

Knights as the castle armorer - I'm sorry.

I've been sending you on quests all week and it was only today when I realized that you were looking for the Helmet of Salvation, that I didn't send you out with any helmets!

Who knows what manner of things have been bonking you on the head this week? The area around North Castle is famous for "drop possums" that fall from trees and land on your head. I really hope this hasn't happened to any of you.

Therefore, it's important you create your own helmet now. Those possums love an exposed scalp!

Supplies You'll Need:

Make Your Own Helmet Kit
Coloring Supplies

Craft: Dragon Puppet

As we near the end of our quest, it occurred to me that you may miss Sparky our ice dragon when we part. Sparky was going to visit all of you individually but like I say, he's and ice dragon, and you live in the Statedom of Texas. Not great for ice. I even heard you have to buy your ice at travelers rest stops called "Buccees."

So the next best thing would be for you all to make your own ice dragons. You can make them look like Sparky or choose whatever color scheme fits you. I know ice dragons, I've seen a whole one, and trust me, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Derek the Fibber told me.


Dragon Puppet Kit
Tape or Glue
Coloring Supplies


In our Bible story today we heard about an earthquake that helped free Paul and Silas from prison. Earthquakes still happen today but now we understand them far better than in Bible times.

Our cities are now built to withstand earthquakes (this is why North Castle's construction is 40% jello).

For our last experiment, our alchemist Jonathan is setting you a challenge. It is your job to design and create a building that can withstand an earthquake. Most of the parts needed are in your kits and everything else you should have around the home.

Watch on to learn more.

Supplies Needed:

Modelling Clay
Cutting Boards
Four Balls
Two Large Bag Clips

Bible Village

The time machine that we bought from that travelling merchant apparently only works five times. I discovered this after tinkering around with it, studying the parts and machinery, and taking apart and reassembling every component to understand this device better.

Anyway, after I did all that I noticed that painted on the back in big letters it said "This Time Machine can only be used five times."

It's amazing what you can learn when you look closely at something.

For our last trip to the Bible Village, we will be visiting the beads house. Make sure to check your equipment, as you will be able to make a beaded bracelet too!

Recap Trivia

You have all learned so much this week Knights. Sparky and I are truly impressed.

As you go out in the world, feel free to use the knowledge you have learned about the King's Book with anyone you meet. It will lead you well. Especially when you wear the armor of God.

One last question from me:

Will me and Sparky miss all of our new Knights?

1) Yes
2) Definitely Yes

Illustrated Ministries Bonus Materials

Closing Assembly

You did it! How amazing are you all.

We're taking off the learner tags, you are all forever Knights of North Castle. Tell your family, tell your friends, write it on forms where it says "occupation", you friends are the most worthy Knights I have ever seen.

And remember, I live in a castle so I've seen like, 1458 Knights - not that I'm counting.

With this latest piece, with the Helmet of Salvation you have now completed the Great Armor for the King. As an Armorer, I can say with absolute certainty that no armor I've ever seen comes close. When you put on armor like this you can truly do anything.

Sparky and I have had an incredible week with you all. You've left a lasting impression on our hearts and a mountain of laundry for the castle launderers. From the two of us, our Chaplains Pastor Nathan, and Pastor Suzi, our back in time friends in the Bible Village, our Alchemist Jonathan, Email the Courier and ZOOM the horse, we thank you for completing your quest.

The nature of this year's quest meant that you had to look far and wide. We pray that next summer, we can work on our next assignment together.

Go in peace, secure in the armor of God, and know that you are loved.

- Armorer Fisher.

Theme Song

Should we?



Loud for the neighbors down the street.

Go in peace Knights. Go in peace friends.

God Loves You!