Armor up with Truth


Welcome to North Castle!

If you are hear to see the King, I'm afraid I have bad news for you. See, the King heard about this incredible armor, much more amazing than any armor he already has (he has a lot, I'e seen his Amazon bill). But this armor isn't just clothing, metal, legs, drawers, handles...

I think I started describing an armoire halfway through. It's like a wardrobe. I'm losing my point.

The King set off in one direction to find this armor and sent out all of our knights in the other direction to look for it too. Which is why you are here. Do you want to bad news or the good news first?

I forgot, you're reading this and can't reply. Well, here is the bad news. I don't think the armor is what the King thinks it is. Each piece of it is hidden behind a riddle and with all of the castle knights out looking for it, I don't know how to solve them.

Now for the good news! Congratulations! You've all instantly been promoted to Knights of North Castle! The pay isn't great but we have dental so there's that. There's even better news though! I think the armor is even more amazing than the King realizes.

If only there were some people to help me solve the riddle. Oh look, a bunch of new knights. We'll then, do I have a quest for you.

My name is Armorer Fisher, my trusted friend Sparky and I will help guide you through this exciting adventure.

One last thing. North Castle has just been fitted with something called "Wi-Fi" so I have been told to invite you to watch our morning briefings at the address below (it doesn't look much like an address, it must be near the haberdasher.

Live Assembly (9 AM)

Watch our daily morning assembly live on our Facebook (or anytime later on the St. Stephen's UMC page)


Okay Knights, we were able to discover that the answers to finding the first piece of the armor for the King might be found in the following Bible story.

It's from the book of Daniel Chapter 3 and in it, we'll learn about not only the incredible faith of three men called Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego but of how incredible and physics defying our God truly is!

I don't suppose it's physics defying when you invented physics but, oh, just watch the video to find out more.

Today's Choreography

Each day we'll have these dance videos so that you can learn all the moves to our VBS songs.

We had Armorer Fisher try to do the dance moves and then we suddenly found the money in the treasury to hire a professional dance troupe.

Don't forget, we'll be playing a song a day in our morning assemblies so make sure to join in at home.

Learn the dance moves for our theme song "We are the Knights of North Castle"

If you didn't feel like Knights before, I bet you do now. It's July, so our next dance video has a certain truth to it. Let's move to "Hot Hot Burnin' Up"


Now that you are Knights of North Castle, you really need to learn our theme song. There's not a test or anything but we will be singing it at the annual castle talent show. West Castle thinks they're so great with their sheep dog display but with your help, we'll bring back the trophy this year.

Sing loud and proud friends for:

We are the Knights of North Castle

You know what Shadrach, Mescach, and Abednego should have felt? Hot Hot Burning.

You know what with God's help they didn't feel? Hot Hot Burning.

Guess what out next song is?

Jesus Loves Me!

No wait, that's later in the week. It's Hot Hot Burning.


It's Monday so crafts will be our live class on ZOOM.

ZOOM is the name of one of the horses in the stables and I'm not sure why we're doing crafts on him. However, I've been told that your parents have been sent instructions by a courier called "Email" (sounds like a French chap).

Have them check with Email to find out when your group will meet on ZOOM and the instructions for how to do that.

Bring a carrot. ZOOM likes carrots.



Our Science leader Jonathan is a science teacher and a trained professional. The experiment that you are about to watch is dangerous and should not be attempted by you under any circumstances.

For the rest of the week, you will find the materials in your kits to conduct the science experiments at home. The experiment today is strictly "watch only."

In our Bible story today we heard about how the faith of Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego kept them calm as they faced incredible danger. They didn't know that God would save them for sure but they were so secure in their faith that they did not doubt God's love for them in whatever was about to happen.

Now we don't have God's powers (and that's a good thing!). However, with a little bit of science, the right equipment, and a very brave $20 bill, perhaps we can get a little glimpse of what it might have been like to look into the furnace that day.

Bible Village

What's the Bible Village? Well, let me tell you that you're in for a treat.

We're about to go back in time!

Now what you see may be surprising. The people of the Bible Village don't have all of the modern luxuries we have at North Castle like drawbridges and sawdust. They haven't even invented the treadmill crane yet but don't let that be off putting. We'll be learning some incredible things from them this week.

The Bible Village helps us to see what life may have been like for people at the time our Bible stories we're learning about happened. Throughout this week we will visit five houses and you will have a craft to complete at each one too.

We begin this week at the rope house. Make sure to have your VBS kit nearby so that you can follow along with today's Bible Village craft.

Closing Assembly

You did it Knights! You solved the riddle. We are now in possession of the Belt of Truth!

And you can be sure of that because, you know, Belt of Truth. I can't lie about that. Sparky and I are ready to give you a full summary of your work so far and to get you ready for our next riddle tomorrow morning.

Take it away, uh, me!

Theme Song

One more time. Let's hear you from your at home North Castle outposts!

See you tomorrow Knights!