Armor up with Faith

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Can you believe this is the fourth day of your quest already? I put the "Shoes of Peace" you found into the closet of bedroom for safe keeping.

Even if our week is approaching an end, we still have important work to do. You have all proven yourselves to be remarkably capable, so I can't think of anyone better available (and who'd take your pay) to collect the next piece that we need.

If you don't know me by now my name is Armorer Fisher. You can get to know me through the sage advice I give or at the next North Castle social. Looking on the calendar, the next one of those we will have is *shrug*

Sparky seems to be a little late this morning. That's unlike an ice dragon. They're the most punctual of all of the dragons (I think. We don't have clocks yet).

Oh, I think I see Sparky... What on Earth is Sparky wearing?

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Today we "Armor up with Faith."


We (Sparky) figured it out Knights! We're going to find all of the answers we need in the story of Jesus walking on Water.

And Peter walked on water briefly too.

We're going to need to Armor up with Faith today because doing something as crazy as walking out into the sea requires a lot of faith. And this wasn't a frozen lake like we have in North Castle. This was actual water, you know, like the type you can't normally walk on!

But Jesus could and with the right amount of faith in Jesus, we could too. That said, even though I know you are all super skilled Knights, don't ever try to walk on water. That can be really dangerous. Peter tried it because the Son of God was right there (not to mention all of his friends in the boat too).

I have total confidence you will return with the Shield of Faith. A shield is such an important part of any set of armor. What do you use a shield for Armorer Fisher? Well, I'm glad you asked. A shield is used to protect yourself from blows. For example, if a shield was used at my last archery competition, I'd be able to take part in the next archery competition.

Sir Reginald was going to be an adventurer too until he took an arrow to the knee.

While all of you Knights are out questing, I'm going to take a walk around North Castle and make sure everything looks good. Perhaps I'll have another game of horseshoes with that training dummy I played against yesterday.

Maybe today I'll win.

Fare thee well Knights.


Today's Choreography

Did you know that you are continuing a fine tradition among North Castle Knights? We pride ourselves at being the best dancers in all of the Kingdom (well except Sir Reginald - now at least).

We have won the Kingdom Castle Dance Off for eight straight years. It would be nine straight but that year we put itching powder into West Castle's tunics backfired when the judges loved their "instinctive erratic movements."

Anyway, my point is, as Knights of North Castle, dancing and singing is just as important as questing and moat upkeep. It's actually really hard to have a functional moat when everything is frozen. Last week we smashed all of the ice up and then Sparky got too close to the black pepper in the kitchen.

One sneeze later and, well, you know how it is.

Let's get moving!

I've heard about a mystical place called Texas. It is home to a dance called the Two Step?

This dance is nothing like that.


Let's put those new moves to good use!

I liked that last song a lot. I just wish it could take place outside near a pond.

Wait! As luck would have it...

Craft: Jesus Walking on Water

Can you believe Jesus walked on water? I can barely walk on land. Well, to be fair, it is hard to walk in all of this armor. Or run. Or jump. Or bake cakes. All the things I like to do in an average day.

Airport security is a nightmare.

It's fine though, airports don't exist in North Castle.

But Jesus DID walk on water. We can't recreate something as spectacular as that but we can make a simple craft where you can see what that may have looked like.

Supplies You'll Need:

Jesus Cut-Out

Craft: Decorate Castle

Now that most of the Knights are away on a quest, our utility bills have dropped so low that we now how enough money in the treasury to redecorate North Castle.

You Knights have been chosen to design ideas. I've been disqualified from the design stage because "we can't have a zip-line" and "tigers are quite volatile creatures."

Use your kits, make your design with the bricks, any stickers you may have leftover, and anything else you want to add to the castle. Whatever you want to add is up to you.

Except zip-lines and tigers apparently.

Supplies You'll Need:

Decorate Your Castle Kit
Whatever Else Your Imagination Inspires you to Include


Our resident alchemist Jonathan has been busy dreaming up new science experiments. Today, we are going to learn how to make a boat move without touching it.

That's easy! You just ask Sparky to blow some ice at it. Or! You just have all of the Knights in training push it while you watch eating a sandwich. Didn't touch the boat once.

I'm sure his way is good too.

Gather your materials, and try it out at home.

Supplies Needed:

Deep Roasting Pan
Float Boat Cut-Out
Dish Soap

Bible Village

We've done it. Our mystics have been busy building a bridge to the past using your magic communication (and definitely not a horse) called ZOOM.

Today we will be able to visit the Bible Village live. If that's not enough, we'll be visiting a whole new place. It's called the synagogue and it's where people went to worship God.

We'll also see the importance of having a scribe in the village you lived in. Communication wasn't as snappy as it is in North Castle. Not everyone can boast carrier pigeon technology.

Grab your materials, and prepare to make a driedel. You'll also learn a fun game to play with it too.

Check with monsieur Email if you need more information.

Driedel Printout

If you need another dreidel outline or your kit was missing one, you can download one by clicking the button below.

Recap Trivia

Do you like trivia? I have some North Castle trivia for all of you.

Did you know that there are 438 stairs throughout the castle?
Perhaps you may not have known we have 63 horses?
I'm sure you didn't know that North Castle is made up of 47,619 bricks!

It's lonely when everyone is out on a quest.

Illustrated Ministries Bonus Materials

Closing Assembly

The Shield of Faith!

I can't believe it.

Well, yes I can. I can believe it because you all are proving yourselves to be the best knights North Castle has ever had. I can believe it because I have absolute faith in you that tomorrow, you will complete the Great Armor for the King.

Having faith can be a hard thing sometimes. We can be let down, or things don't turn out the way we hoped for. But, we can always have Faith in Jesus. He is our shield, and will never let us down.

In the spirit of having faith, where is that training dummy and my horseshoes? Best three out of five?

Rest well. Tomorrow you finish your quest.

Theme Song

I bet you know the words to this whole song now. I bet your grown-ups also know the words to this whole song now.

I bet I know who is happier with that situation.

But how will the world know that you are a Knight of North Castle? Because you will tell them with proud singing and joyful noise!

And you can use Sparky as a recommendation if you ever need one too. Remember though that Sparky only writes in ice dragon language so whoever needs the recommendation will need to understand that.

Or have Duolingo.