Armor up with Justice

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Good Morning newly anointed Knights!

I hope that you all had good sleep but even if you didn't, at least you're not on the "Knight" shift - hahaha. But seriously, you're on the Knight shift because you're Knights.

Once again, I am Armorer Fisher (that's what the label says on my coat anyway) and I want to welcome you back to North Castle and back to our quest to find the incredible Armor of God.

Through your excellent riddle solving skills we were able to obtain the Belt of Truth! But I have insider information that there are still four more pieces to complete the set. Luckily I have my best friend Sparky and all of you to help unlock the secrets and complete the task at hand.

Don't forget to watch our morning briefing at the place they call "The Facebook." I'm not sure what that is? A book of faces one would guess.

We prefer portraits on the wall but each to their own.

Live Assembly (9 AM)

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Today we "Armor up with Justice."


Knights our mission is before us!

We're going to Armor up with Justice and find answers for our quest in the book of Samuel. Let me tell you, we're in for a treat with this story.

It has everything. Heroes, villains, big vs small, strong vs meek, a real David and Goliath contest.

Which is apt because today we're going to learn about the amazing account of David and Goliath. In this story we find out how no plan of man is greater than that of God and if we have courage in our belief of God, we can do anything!

Let's watch!


Today's Choreography

I tried the dance moves from yesterday and didn't have the best time. I know that all of you Knights are dancing brilliantly. Unfortunately for me, armorer armor is quite heavy but I am trying. I took some notes yesterday for me to read over to help me improve for today's dance moves. Let's see:

1) Be more fluid when dancing so I don't dance like a robot.
2) What's a robot?

Well that's the thing right? Being bad at something is kind of the first step to being good at something. So I'll dance with all I've got. Let's set off on the right foot (or left, I haven't seen the moves yet) and begin with:

Giants in the Land

Great job Knights. Let's do another:

Hey Hey Goliath


You've learned the moves. Now let's sing along to "Giants in the Land"

Let's keep the energy up. Use your 'giant' voice for "Hey Hey Goliath"

Craft: Make Your Own Knight

Now that you have successfully completed your first quest, and you are well on the way to completing your second, it is time to design your armor. As the North Castle armorer, it is my job to send you materials to design an armor set that is your own style. Now, I'll try and get around to making it all but there's about one hundred and fifty of you and Sparky keeps freezing up the forge.

Your armor therefore will be ready in approximately eighty-five years.

Seventy-Eight years if you have Prime.

Still, you should design it all the same.

Supplies You'll Need:

Make Your Own Knight Kit and Stickers

Craft: Armor of God Bracelet

For our second craft you will be making a bracelet. On this bracelet are five tokens. Each one of them represents one of the five pieces of the Great Armor of God.

At least I think it does. It would be quite the coincidence if it didn't.

Supplies Needed:

Blue and White Bracelet Kit


Science is our live craft on ZOOM today (which it turns out is magic communication and not one of our horses).

Our resident alchemist Jonathan will be showing you how to make catapults in a craft that is sure to delight all of your grown-ups. When we couldn't complete this experiment at North Castle, I was told our insurance premium fell by a talent!

Don't forget to have your grown-ups say 'bonjour' to Email if you don't remember what time your group is supposed to meet.

Supplies Needed:

Rubber Bands
Plastic Spoon

Bible Village

Did we? Did we just go back in time? I can hear everyone thinking "please don't be January 2020, please don't be January 2020."

Well, we went further back than that. We're back in the Bible Village and this time we will be visiting the potter's house (for pottery not boy wizards).

Pottery was incredibly important during Bible times and you will learn why today. Don't forget to grab your sculpting materials as you too will be creating with clay today.

Recap Trivia

Let's quickly go over some of the things we have learned today. I'll give you a clue to one of the questions. If it asks who is the best armorer then you say:

Armorer Friedrickson.

She's truly the best.

But if it asks who is the best Armorer at North Castle and has two thumbs?

This guy!

Illustrated Ministries Bonus Material

Closing Assembly

Two for two Knights, Huzzah!

We're now in possession of the Breastplate of Justice. And would you look at that, it matches the Belt of Truth perfectly.

The King is going to be so happy at the progress you have all made. You're all proving to be incredibly capable Knights!

As an added bonus, I found out that the Breastplate is of "Justice" not "Just ice." When you are around snow as much as I am it gets into your head a little.

Stay cool until tomorrow.

I did it again.

Theme Song

Another succesful day in the satchel Knights. Let's keep this positive energy going and keep working together to complete the Armor of God.

Raise your voices to God and let them world know who we are:

We are the Knights of North Castle!