Armor up with Peace

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Happy Wednesday Knights!

You've all been very busy. Through your skill we have been able to collect the Belt of Truth and the Breastplate of Justice. But now is not the time to rest even if a lot of you probably are still in pajamas. I have on good authority that we still have three pieces of armor to collect.

Who's authority you ask? Well, my own. I am Armorer Fisher. Armor is kind of what I do (I'm also on the castle archery team. Well, I was before "the incident").

I'm going to look for Sparky at the north-east turret. I don't know if he is there but that spot has the best WiFi in the whole castle. I still don't understand the magic of the internet but I have discovered something called "cat videos." From my best estimation, approximately 40% of the internet is domestic cats acting foolish.

Can't say I understand it, but it gives me something to do while the archery investigation is ongoing.

I will look for Sparky along the way, and don't forget to join us for our morning briefing linked to below.

Live Assembly (9 AM)

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Today we "Armor up with Peace."


Okay here we go Knights. This is a story you might already know but if you don't, we have you covered.

To unlock the secrets of the Shoes of Peace we have to revisit the greatest story ever told. In it we will learn about the birth of Jesus, God's own son! How incredible is that?

Talk about Christmas in July!

Let's get ready to dive into this story. Let's learn as much as we can, make as much as we can, and have as much fun as we can today (what are quests if they're not fun).

We're going to find those shoes for the King's Armor, I just know it.


Today's Choreography

I saw a bumper sticker once on the back of a horse drawn carriage that said "Dance Like No One is Watching."

So I do.

After all of you Knights finish your quest for the day (and with the other Knights on their own mission) it's just me and Sparky in the whole of North Castle.

I think I'm getting better at this.

Sparky on the other hand has all the dance moves. I mean sure, it helps when you can fly. Swooping around the castle definitely has a way of adding some pizzazz to your steps but we can't all defy gravity.

Oh yeah, I haven't told you about "gravity." It's this theory I'm working on about why things don't just float off into the sky. I gave a copy to my friend Isaac to proofread. I'm pretty excited about it.

Anyway, let's learn some dance moves.

It's mind blowing just how much God loves us. That God would send his only son for us just goes to prove that. Our next dance moves go with the song "Our God."


Music is our live class today and one of our castle Chaplains, Pastor Suzi Byrd, will be teaching you a brand new song from scratch (dance moves too!)

But Armorer Fisher, what about the dance moves we just learned? you probably didn't ask. Well, bonus time. We have three songs for you today. The song Pastor Suzi learned from a bard friend of hers is in addition to our other two songs.

I ran the numbers and three is one more than two.

Okay, Sparky ran the numbers.

If you have forgotten what time your live class is, don't forget, our French courier Email has left that information with your grown ups.

Let's put those fresh new steps into action.

Don't forget to sing along with full voices too.

Do you remember the moves for "Our God"?

If not, you can always go back and watch the choreography videos again. It took me six attempts to open a door at North Castle yesterday. I was trying to pull a push door.

Instructions are important.

Craft: Foil Art Nativity

We have several stables here at North Castle. Let me tell you, it's not somewhere I would choose for anyone to be born let alone the Savior of the World. But God had a plan, and Jesus was born in humble surroundings.

For our first craft we are making a Foil Art Nativity. A warning in advance. This craft is complicated and you may need help from a grown-up but the results are spectacular.

Make sure to watch the video of our craftsmith Steven (who still looks nothing like me) carefully. Once you have a few sections done, you'll get the hang of it.

Merry Christmas. Enjoy your summer.

Supplies Needed:

Foil Art Nativity Kit
A Grown-Up (Possibly)
Patience (Definitely)

Craft: Dragon Jump Ups

What is the first thing you think of when I ask you about dragons?

Yes, I know they love tacos. What else?

Most of you said they can fly or breathe fire or ice. I want to focus on the flying. Sparky often flies around North Castle. I asked Sparky what it was like and Sparky said "you all look like ants."

It turned out that day Sparky was flying very low to the ground and was looking at actual ants.

But still, dragons can fly and although we can't give you the materials to make a real flying dragon (the dragons still hold the copyright on flight), we can give you the next best thing. A dragon that jumps.

Supplies You'll Need:

Dragon Jump Up Kit


Jonathan our alchemist has been studying Sparky recently. Not too much is known about the ice dragons and their history. Sparky shares as much information as possible but there's still a lot to learn.

How do they blow ice from their lungs?
How come they can talk?
Why do they love cinnamon toast crunch?

One day we'll have answers. In the meantime, we too can conduct experiments with our breath. Now, we won't be blowing ice unless you just ate forty-seven Popsicles Armorer Fisher.

I did. Don't.

However, we can use our breath in interesting ways. Today you are going to see how to make a maze and you'll only be able to navigate it with your breath.

Supplies Needed:

Pipe Cleaners
Any Other Obstacle You Can Find
Pen or Pencil

Bible Village

Do you feel it? Are we going back in time again?

It's time (or it was time?) to go back to the Bible Village. Today we will be visiting the candy and bread house! You'll have some simple recipes in your Knight kits that you can follow to make the items in the video.

What do I like more, candy or bread? What if we had a candy bread? Hmm. Give me a few minutes.

A Few Minutes Later



What about bread candy?

Recap Trivia

North Castle has its own trivia team you might be surprised to learn. Our team name is "Snow Chance of Winning."

It's been a prophetic name.

In fact our trivia team name is more accurate than Cedric the Seer at predicting the future.

To be fair to Cedric, we hired him as a cook but the position opened up and it was higher pay.

Illustrated Ministries Bonus Materials

Closing Assembly

Brilliant Knights!

We're now in possession of the "Shoes of Peace" - this makes my socks of cotton very happy.

We now have three pieces of the Great Armor. You're all doing so well. To me you have moved beyond the title of trainee Knights. You are now "Executive Trainee Knights."

It's mostly just a title change except that, by Royal Decree, you can spend thirty seconds more in bed tomorrow.

But we still expect you back here tomorrow morning so that we can find the next piece of the armor!

Night-Night Knights.

Theme Song

Sing loud and proud Knights. This is YOUR theme song, this is YOUR quest, and this is YOUR castle.

Together, WE are the Knights of North Castle!

Also, can the owner of a white Andalusian horse please move it? You are blocking a delivery cart of turnips.

Thank you.